Guardianship / Conservatorship

Integrity Financial Solutions L.L.C. provides financial and legal Guardianship services to those who are unable to make decisions on their own, so the individual is able to live a fulfilling and rewarding life in the community.

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Representative Payee

Integrity Financial Service Corporation (our non-profit company)  provides Representative Payee services to those who receive Social Security benefits and are unable to manage their money effectively.

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Our Story

Rose Anderson has been working in the Social Services field for 25 years. Rose has seen clients who cannot make important decisions on their own regarding medical, health, and residential needs. Our Guardian services help clients with these non-monetary life decisions.

We offer Conservator services to take care of someone’s finances when they cannot make financial decisions on their own, often because of an illness, injury, or disability.

As an Independent Living Skills Worker, Rose has seen a significant need for assistance, for those who receive Social Security benefits and are not able to manage their finances effectively. Rose Anderson, and her husband John, will offer Representative Payee services to assist those individuals with managing their financial affairs.


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