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Our Approach

John and Rose value a high standard of respect and integrity. We are dedicated to working side by side with every client to provide superior customer service. We want our services to optimize our client's personal life decisions, and maximize their financial strength.

"Rose is caring, easy to talk to, willing to help with anything... all in all, Rose is the best ILS worker I have ever had."
   -- ILS client from St. Paul

Meet the Team

Rose Anderson


Rose Anderson has 25 years experience working in the healthcare field as a Home Health Aide and as an Independent Living Skills Worker. Rose is currently employed for a company in Minneapolis, providing her clients with Independent Living Skills services.

John T Anderson


John T Anderson has 25 years of experience working in the financial analysis field. John has spent most of his career in the financial services industry. John’s former Minneapolis employers include banks, mortgage companies, and insurance companies.

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